Special Gift!

OMG OMG OMG!! I just had the most amazing moment!!!! Earlier today, I realized that the voicemails I delete on my phone are actually saved in Deleted Messages. It didn’t even occur to me to see if I had one from Pat. Just as I was going to bed, I realized it, so I checked. Guess what??? I had one! It was just a quick one to tell me he was at work.  He left it for me one night when I was in PA on Spring Break.  I remember how disappointed I was that I had missed his call that night, but as my friend, Shelley, would say, “Well look at God!”  He knew I would need that voicemail eventually.  Pat rarely left voice mail messages and only occasionally texted me once he moved in, but this gave me the most amazing moment in this JOURNEY FROM HELL! I immediately recorded it and am going to save it in as many places as I can.
One thing I have been saying over and over was that I wished I had a recording of his voice. It was the first thing that attracted me to him, and I could not conjure the sound up in my mind. I know it was him that made me think about it.
Holy MOLEY, kiddos! I dont think I will sleep tonight! I have listened to it like five times already and I cry – happy tears! Oh God THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


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